Call secured but line drops

Potential Problem
Caller connected to agent, call secured, after few seconds call drops.
Customer* - PCI Pal connectivity issue
Call Quality issues
Customer and PCI Pal to check where is the call failure coming from:
1. Customer - SIP trunk provider?
2. SIP carrier/VoIP supplier - PCI Pal connection
If the call failure/drop originated in customer network customer:
1. Trace the call (SIP and RTP) in customer servers and local network
If call failure occurs on SIP carrier/VoIP supplier-PCI Pal path or inside PCI Pal cloud, then PCI Pal to take corrective steps -
1. PCI Pal to check SBC for SIP/RTP
2. PCI Pal to check SIP carrier/VoIP supplier connectivity and any other components in cloud for RTP
Codec or other SIP parameter mismatch
It could be possible that codec or other SIP parameter is misaligned which is causing failure after call is setup
Customer/PCI pal to work together and identify failure due to mismatch in codec or other SIP parameters.
1. Verify SIP INVITE and SDP from customer servers matches customer's SIP trunk provider (ex: BT) requirements (ex: G711 codec)
2. Verify SIP INVITE and SDP from SIP carrier/VoIP supplier to PCI Pal's servers is going to the correct IP (check SIP carrier/VoIP supplier's call logs and pcap files)
3. Verify SIP carrier/VoIP supplier receiving and sending SIP messages in correct format ( to be sure that nothing changed on SIP carrier/VoIP supplier SIP settings)
* The term customer relates to direct customers, resellers or partners, depending on the relationship with PCI Pal.