Service Level Overview



As part of your service agreement with PCI Pal access to the PCI Pal Service Desk (working hours) and Contact Centre (out of hours) is provided to help with any issues that may arise with PCI Pal services.
Availability of this service is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  PCI Pal provides a 24 hour emergency response to any service affected a problems categorised as priority level 1 or 2 (please note that the service must be in commercial use).
To ensure priority 1 and 2 cases are categorised correctly within the response times specified in the following Service Support Matrix, the Reseller Customer Support team should raise support cases by telephone.

Service Desk Contact Overview

Working hours
0344 544 6858
08.30 to 17.30
North America:
855 450 0560
08.30 to 17.30
All US time zones
Note: outside the Service Desk working hours the PCI Pal contact centre will handle calls on the same number.

Service Desk Incident Requirements

To enable quick analysis and a swift response when contacting PCI Pal to raise an incident, specific details will need to be gathered:
The issue
The application
Full name and contact number of person reporting the problem
Date/time and local time zone/region of the issue
Site contact for the location affected (if different above)
Telephone numbers/services affected
PCI Pal tenant name
PCI Pal user name
PCI Pal access URL affected   DDI telephone number
A full description of the problem, with an indication of the perceived priority.
Number of users/transactions affected

Service Support Matrix

PCI Pal will classify and manage the severity of faults as follows:
Response time
15 minutes
System failure
Critical disruption: Complete loss of PCI Pal services to one or more customer sites. Complete loss of credit card processing. Affecting all agents and all transaction attempts.
30 minutes
System fault
Major disruption: PCI Pal services suffering major disruption. Major disruption being defined as Issues impacting > 20% of agents or IVR transactions, over a period of 1 hour, at any one customer site.
24 hours
Device fault
Minor disruption: e.g. partial or reduced access to services, service affecting faults impacting < 20% of agents or IVR transactions, over a period of 1 hour, at any one customer site. Non-service affecting faults.
48 hours
Change: Change to system or configuration.
72 hours
Question: General support questions, queries and analysis on retrospective and non-impacting issues.

Service Escalation Procedure

The flowchart below shows the escalation path in the unlikely event an issue is not resolved to a satisfactory level.

Service Maintenance

Customers will be notified at least 5 working days prior to any planned network maintenance work which will affect service.  Any emergency work will be communicated to customers as soon as is practical.

Common Support Scenarios

fThe next two sections of this guide: Telephony Issues and Web Portal Issues will provide an overview of common support scenarios, along with triage questions and actions.